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About Us

Skyblue Digital is a digital marketing company, based in Tel Aviv – Israel, specialized in paid acquisition across multiple channels. We see ourselves as your marketing partners, and we are committed to being involved with your projects and goals to leverage your business. 

Cooperation with our clients is the key to generating added value and helping surpass user acquisition targets.

We carefully choose the audiences, platforms, and strategy for each client to ensure that budget spend is as effective and efficient as possible.

Let’s start working together and grow your business!

Why choose us?


Creating an acquisition process starts with understanding how to align your acquisition approach with the organization’s strategy.

We help our partners to define the right KPI’s and the right mix of traffic sources.


Building comprehensive knowledge of your existing and potential customers is essential to optimizing your acquisition strategy.

We have a strong background in quantitative fields and data analysis techniques to get you there.


Online marketing is about data-driven decisions. However, the creative component will get you closer to your audience and it is important to have the right messaging.

We take special care to deliver unique content across all the acquisition funnels.


From marketing intelligence platforms and competitive analysis tools, to automatic campaign builders and A.I. copywriting assistance, and more…

We take advantage of all the amazing resources available to tailor an approach that meets your needs.


We service top clients in a variety of industries, manage multiple traffic sources worldwide, and oversee millions of dollars in annual budgets. Our proven track record culminates outstanding results time and time again.

Our Founders

Damian Geisinger
Joel Artenstein

Brands We’ve Worked With

Our Services

Our Services


Gain online presence, high intention traffic and conversions on search engines such Google and Bing.


Target your relevant audience and deliver high quality content through Facebook and Instagram.

Native Ads

Introduce your business to a less disruptive and more content oriented way of advertising via Taboola, Outbrain and Gemini.

Business to Business

Target professionals to build brand awareness, generate leads and/or get conversions to your B2B products and services on LinkedIn.


Retarget your audiences and reach new customers with banners and videos on Youtube and the Google Display Network.


Use Google Shopping Ads and Amazon Advertising to promote your products directly to your customers.

Other Services

ATLAS is the search marketing automation application that brings advertisers hundreds of 1% gains by automating the creation of highly optimized keyword campaigns with advanced bidding. Contacts us for more information.

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